Lady virginity stays very appreciated among Filipinos (discover Shape 2 )

Lady virginity stays very appreciated among Filipinos (discover Shape 2 )

In response into question, “How important will it be getting a woman to get an excellent virgin up to she will get married?” over fifty percent out-of Filipinos (60%) told you it absolutely was crucial and you may around 3 out of ten participants (28%) felt they crucial. Just 12% experienced it was not essential. Cross-tabulation study having fun with X 2 tests conveyed no extreme horny Religious dating relationships between valuation out of ladies’ virginity and you can market properties (most of the p’s > .1; discover Dining table 1 ).

The same as earlier conclusions throughout the literature, ladies virginity are tend to construed because the an appreciated gift to get offered by lady to guys in the context of heterosexual connections

As the valuation of ladies virginity looked like widespread across demographic details playing with nationally member research, we checked out qualitative accounts of Filipinos from inside the economically marginalized areas giving “voice” to meaning-and work out to virginity. Virginity is equated to help you good female’s value and you can complete personhood, and that their superior value while the a gift. Note the second attention group replace which have urban parece pseudonyms):

As well as and you may beyond construing ladies virginity since the something special, all of our qualitative study revealed that guys including noticed people virginity while the a form of award become stated in the context of heterosexual competition for women. These types of interview excerpts exemplify this particular structure from virginity, and therefore is superior to the earlier current metaphor:

Construing ladies’ virginity never as gift for females to give however, because a prize for men to help you allege on their own offered to help you change service away from female. In this structure away from ladies’ virginity, men are the new effective agencies regarding sexual pursuit, competing against both in a game off heterosexuality are the first one to initiate a woman into areas away from sex. In lieu of in the virginity-as-current structure where an excellent female’s worthy of was commonly faster to a great one-time embodied financing that she you certainly will officially love to bestow otherwise maybe not, regarding the virginity-as-prize build a female was positioned once the a static target, respected to your simple fact that no other guys been able to reach the girl very first (nakauna), sexually-talking.

Filipino guys inside the notice communities, like in these pull, generated multiple recommendations to using gender with good virgin as getting in order to a female earliest and you will, thus, staking some sort of heterosexual men allege on the a female-a possession you to other guys wouldn’t be able to inexpensive away. And as a single-go out prize, people could not share the virginity to your almost every other couples it very like.

Guys believed that women could well be confused or disadvantage (dehado) whenever they actually got intercourse which have guys besides the initial guy exactly who gotten the latest prize of virginity. That it trust is strengthened because of the an effective stigma they ascribed so you’re able to people whose virginity had started reported. Instance women was named latak, a Tagalog term definition dregs or worthless leftovers.

New valuation regarding ladies virginity was widespread across the group properties such as for example as many years, intercourse, marital reputation, urban/outlying locale, and you may informative attainment (that YAFS3 functions as an effective proxy having socioeconomic standing)

If you find yourself Filipino guys recommended virginity since a significant attribute of females in advance of wedding, Filipina women claimed as often or sometimes even a lot more strict and you may restrictive feedback on the females virginity condition. In fact, questionnaire analysis indicated that Filipina female ascribed characteristics to your women’s virginity as much or more than men would. Of one’s ladies throughout the survey, 63% envision women’s virginity to get essential, compared to 56% from teenagers (get a hold of Contour step 3 ). Complete, 89% of women noticed virginity are sometimes crucial or extremely important. It was maybe not somewhat not the same as the ratio of men which considered at the same time (86%).

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