Even with didn’t come with males in her life before, Byeong-hee fantasizes and produces on the sexual serves for her journal

Even with didn’t come with males in her life before, Byeong-hee fantasizes and produces on the sexual serves for her journal

Cast Ko Hyun-jung as Ko Byeong-hee Cheon Jung-myung as Park Cheol-su Cho Yeon-woo as Bae Hee-myeong Kim Eun-joo as Ko Jun-hee Son Hyeon-joo as Park Byeong-gak

The story revolves around Ko Byeong-hee (Ko Hyun-jung), a 33-year old journalist working for a hot magazine having adult males named C’est Lorsque Bon. Byeong-hee, single in the aged 33, continues to be an effective virgin if the tale opens.

I believe you will find an adequate amount of sad like reports throughout the earlier – unrequited like, that sort of thing – and you may bravo to help you “Foxy Female” and “My personal Charming Samsoon” – there is expect partners, despite ages variations

Playground Cheol-su (Cheon Jung-myung) is actually 9 decades young than Byeong-hee however, he’s got loved the lady while the a delicate early age. The guy knows that it’s a hopeless relationship and remaining home so you’re able to roam all over the world to possess annually after their mothers passed away. When he output, unanticipated the unexpected happens in which he, as well as an effective virgin, visited bed that have Byeong-hee. Cheol-su functions just like the a car auto mechanic, and he doesn’t have higher ideals to follow further education nor really does he has actually agency arrangements to own his upcoming. The guy life significantly, flights a motorcycle and features enjoyable and sun. An alive-for-the-moment child.

Bae Hee-myeong (Cho Yeon-woo), an urologist, answers a suggestion line to own C’est Au https://datingmentor.org/escort/frisco/ moment ou Bon” along with his typical contact with Byeong-hee, the guy becomes curious about this lady and you may pursues this lady. Byeong-hee’s nearest and dearest and also good friend (who has become Cheol-su’s sister) approve out of Hee-myeong due to the fact he’s wise, adult and you will stable, possess an excellent profession since the a health care professional and certainly will naturally give a life to own Byeong-hee.

Ko Jun-hee (Kim Eun-joo) ‘s the younger sister out-of Byeong-hee. Much more adventurous than just Byeong-hee, she exudes an atmosphere from confidence. She’s an additional-speed trend design longing for the woman big break. She ties with Playground Byeong-gak (Kid Hyeong-joo), an important and you will important person in the style business. Byeong-gak is also nicknamed Bulldog having their short prominence, strange and rude identity. Jun-hee in addition is much like Bulldog’s wife, who died in the any sort of accident with her partner. Right until this day, Bulldog nevertheless recalls their wife and he actually have the full-proportions poster off the girl in the home. In dealing with Bulldog for a time, Jun-hee realises that he’s indeed good person which have an excellent devoted cardio and you may falls to possess your. It’s ironic one to towards one-hand, Jun-hee’s sis, Byeong-hee, is within love with one much more youthful than simply her if you’re she (Jun-hee) is actually love which have a person very much more than her. Bulldog is actually 42 years of age.

The latest comical views are entertaining. Even though this Digital video disc is rated “PG – Specific sexual sources”, I would believe this may well be rated NC-18.

All the five fundamental actors entitled more than establish very good serves. Cheon Jung-myung is certainly one pretty man to watch out for. They are most nice-faced and cheeky. As he smiles, you might must pinch their face. Ko Hyun-jung is simply humorous and wonderful just like the an ageing lady who has yet to tackle sex which have one.

You’ll find in reality of numerous intimate references and you may fantasies and that i need create, brand new views to your such as are just entertaining, however, naturally explicit

Cho Yeon-woo is actually rushing in the suits however, for some reason Personally i think there is no biochemistry between Ko Hyun-jung and you can him. Yeon-woo indeed puts up an extremely stilted act. Just like the he is an older child of the globe, I would consider he would be much more amorous toward Hyun-jung however, the guy keeps a highly nonchalant heavens in the him, such as for instance he will not care an excellent hoot regarding gender.

Kim Eun-joo are fancy since the a model and you will she illustrates a candid attitude into what constitutes The favorable life – currency, success and you can magnificence.

This is one romance series worth watching because it is fun, hilarious and upbeat. Ko Hyun-jung and Cheon Jung-myung are both fresh-faced and natural in their acting. Their oh-so-romantic, and some near-miss kissing scenes will send quivers upon viewers. Trust me, this is one other Korean series where the ending is not morbid and sad sad sad.

The center currently provides the address, however, one has simply to pay attention profoundly this is just what Byeong-hee listens so you can whenever she faces the latest issue of just who she create choose for a wife.

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